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Get uplifted and check out the encouraging teaching series, devotionals, and Bible lessons offered by Will-Liv Ministries.

A Happy Life

Minister Doris Fields

You must decide that you want to live a happy life every day of your life. The choice is yours. You have to take responsibility for your actions. You must decide to be happy and not let the past and present situations control your life.  Jesus has provided a way to live a happy and abundant life. Through His death and resurrection we have a choice of living in bondage or having a life full of joy, peace and love. God wants you to be happy today and every day.  He said in John 10:10  A thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they might have and enjoy life and have it in abundance (to the full and overflowing). You can experience happiness every day. A saying from Bob Newhart to remember is, "All I can say about life is to enjoy it ." 

Standing in Power and Anointing

Olivia Eaddy

Have you ever had a situation that kept you up at night worrying about its outcome?  Well that is where we find the psalmist in Psalms 118.  In the midst of a dark situation, surrounded by enemies, he is not sure if morning will come.   However, the psalmist hits a resolve...God is for me!  It is in this awareness that we read verse 17, "I will not die but Live and declare what the Lord has done!"  The psalmist is assured that this circumstance is not his end because God will manifest his deliverance.   The psalmist also resolved to tell others what the Lord has done. Through life we all will have situations that challenge our faith to trust God for the outcome.  However, be encouraged to know that God is for you.  You too will not die but Live to declare what the Lord has done.   Experience life the way God intended...That is life, more than the breath in your lungs, but life with the assurance of knowing that God is on your side when He is Lord of it. Declare that you Will-Liv!

What Does The Bible Have to Say?

Minister Ava Wicks

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.  Matthew 5:9.  We are called to be Peacemakers not Peace Keepers.  Peacemakers follow the footsteps of Jesus who says, “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.”  Matthew 10:34,35.   Peace keepers avoid confrontation, back down for peace sake even when the situations call for a Righteous Stand.  Don’t allow the spirit of intimidation to trick you into feeling “good” as you silently hide in the shadow as “the big peace keeper.” “I don’t want to rock the boat”, or “I don’t want to cause confusion so I will keep my mouth shut”.  Live without a doubt that you will be called a child of God. Stand for truth and be a Peacemaker as you walk the walk of Jesus.  Make a difference by speaking peace into situations. 

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