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Mommy, I think we need Gas!

One Saturday I decided to take both of my sons out for a drive to a restaurant that allows them to make their own pizza. It was located by one of their favorite kids activity places and I figured after lunch we would stop by next door to play some games. In the car, we were about a mile away from the house and I realize I only have a quarter tank of gas. I said aloud, “Aw man, I need to get gas!” My son Evan (the 4-year-old) heard me.

I continued to drive, thinking I should definitely have enough gas to get to the restaurant and back without issue. About 15 seconds later I am caught off guard when Evan starts crying hysterically in the back. I quickly ask what is wrong and through the muffled explanation and tears, he says he is upset that we don’t have gas. He goes on to say that we will be stuck at the restaurant and not able to get back home. I ask Evan to take a deep breath and I explained that we should have enough gas to get there and back. I assured him that there was nothing to worry about.

He continued crying until I firmly assured him that we’d be fine and if he was too concerned I was going to turn around and just go home.

I then said, “Evan, whose job is it to get gas?”

He said, “Mommy’s”.

I said, "Whose job is it to make sure we get to the restaurant and back home?”

He said, “Mommy’s”.

So, I told him to let me worry about the gas and encouraged him to relax and enjoy the ride. Evan quieted down but within about 10-15 minutes later in the drive, Evan says, “Mommy, if we don’t have enough gas, can we go into someone’s house and stay with them until we can get gas to come back home?”

Wow, 10-15 minutes later, this kid is still concerned over gas. Gas, he knows he can’t buy! Gas, he knows he can’t get! Gas he knows it’s only up to mommy to obtain! Worry! Worry! Worry! Who here can relate?

Resting is recognizing our role vs. God’s role and confidently relaxing in His ability and promise. It is not worrying about the Gas when Mommy’s got it under control. Or worrying about what we will eat or wear when we know God is a provider (Matthew 6:25-34). Or worry about sickness when we know God is a healer (Isaiah 53:5). Or worrying about anything when we know that through God all things are possible (Matthew19:26).

Like us with life, Evan could barely enjoy a relaxing ride to a fun and exciting destination because he took on a worry that was not his. What cares do we take on that God has not required us to carry? Remember God is calling us to cast upon Him because He truly cares!

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

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